Our Services

One Stop Body Shop

Whether you want to fix some dents, scratches, paint correction or just want to take care of that annoying rust. We have you covered.

Collision repair and refinishing

Not only do we produce award winning hot rods and classics but we can also bring your daily driver back to OEM spec, with our full service collision and refinishing services. We work with all insurance companies and estimates are always free!

Rust Repair

Your vehicle loses structural integrity when rust starts making your vehicle break into pieces. This means that rust will cause safety issues down the road if it isn’t stopped immediately. We suggest getting it fixed before its to late! Stop on in during our public business hours or contact us for a quote today!

Paint correction

If you’re looking to take care of those little scratches or sick of your dull faded paint we have you covered. From a single panel to an entire vehicle. Prices start at $75 per panel. Contact us for more information for your specific needs!


Do you have a vehicle you’ve always dreamed of getting back on the road looking better than it did from the factory? Do you have a vehicle that has been sitting with the idea of “I’ll get to it someday…” Well contact us about your old project and we’ll see what we can do for you!

(Full nut and bolt restorations are booked out for a few years)

Specialized work

Spray in Bedliner

Trucks are meant for years of work and abuse, but they come with a hefty price tag. So why not keep it nice? Our bedliner is your number one choice in the industry because it will give you that extra assurance and protection for any workload. For you folk with newer trucks with aluminum boxes, it will even add extra protection to your aluminum boxes. It is a 3 part urethane material that can be tinted to match any color to your vehicle needs. Its a chemical/skid resistant and backed by a 10 year UV no fade warranty.

Custom exhaust systems

If you are sick of your ears hurting from exhaust drone or you simply just want a nice quality sounding exhaust we have you covered. We offer custom fitted 304 stainless steel exhaust systems tuned to your liking. All systems are tig welded, back purged, flex joints are added to stressed areas and v-band clamps are added for quick maintenance when needed.

Rust preventative undercoating

Lets face it, vehicles from the factory aren’t built how they use to be. Our undercoat is your best option when it comes to rust proofing. Its a non porous paraffin wax that sheds water away. It’s weather/waterproof, it seeps in seems and crevices. It’s a very pliable product that will not crack or chip. It simply does what its intended for, seals and protects against rust, salt and water. No touch ups needed!

(Recoating after a couple years is optional)

Engine swaps and upgrades

Our favorite part of our job is to get our customers vehicles looking and running better than ever before. Besides Paint and Body work, we are willing to tackle the performance side too. We will remove your old worn out engine and offer to either rebuild it or swap in any engine you desire. By the time we are done with it, it’ll look like it came straight from the factory!